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Get Holler Box Pro The Best eCommerce Popup Plugin for WordPress

Holler Box Pro is designed specifically for eCommerce stores to get more sales and email subscribers.

Increase conversions through a unique set of features like sale notification popups, exit detection, content upgrades, and more.

With Pro, you get advanced features to supercharge your store that aren’t available in the free version:

  • Content Upgrades
  • More popup templates
  • Name field
  • MailChimp groups and interests
  • Link activation
  • Advanced visitor and page/post targeting
  • Header banner popup
  • Scheduling
  • Premium support and updates
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7 Different Display Options

Display Types

Choose between 7 different types of Holler Boxes: notification box, popup, faux chat, top banner, footer bar, popout, and FOMO.

Sale Notification Popups

FOMO is an acronym for the fear of missing out, and it is a known psychological principle that can increase your sales.

In his book Influence, Robert Cialdini writes about social proof as “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.” By showing your site visitors a popup that shows a recent sale, you encourage them to make a purchase.

The sale notification popup add-on for Holler Box will show your most recent eCommerce sale in a subtle popup. Your site visitors will think, “hey other people are buying, I should buy too!”

Get Holler Box Pro PLUS the sale notification add-on for just $99 with the Holler Box Pro Bundle.


Get More Subscribers with Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are a proven technique to get more email subscribers.

The way it works is by adding a link in one of your blog posts that opens a popup with a free bonus.

Your readers already love your article, if they want more information they will gladly give you their email in exchange for a free gift.

Holler Box Pro makes it easy to add content upgrades. All you need to do is select “content upgrade” in the settings and paste the shortcode into any post or page.

Content Upgrade Setting

Your content upgrade looks like this:

Content Upgrade

Content upgrades help you get more subscribers. More subscribers = more sales.



More Stylish Popup Templates

Get even more popup templates for your store in Pro. Choose from a variety of templates to get the look you want, and get new ones as they come out.

Popup Templates


Header and Footer Banners

Included in Pro is a top banner you can use to advertise promotions, capture emails, or make announcements.

Also included is a beautifully designed footer bar that shows a link or an email opt-in.

Footer bar

The header and footer banners use the same powerful display filters in Holler Box so you can choose when and where to display them.


Email Integrations

Integrate your forms with MailChimp, MailPoet 3, or Convertkit. With Pro, you can add your subscribers to MailChimp groups and interests of your choice.

MailChimp Groups

Advanced Display Settings

With Pro, you get more display settings to display your boxes exactly where and when you want them.

Choose post types and taxonomies, schedule your box to deactivate after a promotion ends, show an exit-intent popup, and more.


Lots More Features Only in Pro…

Holler Box is my favorite new plugin. It is, as Scott describes, a simple, uncluttered, easy to configure plugin with lots of upside. It’s flexible enough to accommodate just about any content you would want to put in a notification, and is as easy to set up as writing a post.


Beautiful, smart, useful. Genius.


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