HollerBox is under New Ownership!

Groundhogg Inc. is super excited to be taking over HollerBox! Scott Bolinger, the founder of HollerBox sold it to Groundhogg Inc in May of 2022.

I am very excited to hand Holler Box off to Adrian and the Groundhogg team. One of the reasons I sold it to them was because I knew they would take good care of the product and the customers. I know they will do right by everyone and continue to provide value for current and future customers.

Scott Bolinger, Founder of HollerBox

Here are some words from Scott Bolinger, Founder, for why you should choose HollerBox for your popup needs.

Why Holler Box?

I created the Holler Box because I was having a webinar, and I wanted a quick and easy way to tell my site visitors about it.

I didn’t want an annoying popup to distract from my site content, just something elegant and subtle. The small notification box in the corner was the perfect solution for getting the word out without interrupting my visitors.

I realized this could be much more powerful if I just put a little work into it, to make it really easy to use, and display more than just a simple message.

Ease of Use

I’m a developer, and even adding a simple banner or popup to my site is not easy. I have to write the code, test locally, push to staging, test there, then push to production and do a final test. When I want to remove the banner, I have to reverse the process. I’m busy, and that takes time.


The way I used to deal with customers was to show everyone the same thing at the same time. For example, if I had a sale, I’d put a banner on my site and email everyone the same thing. This works ok, sort of.

After all that I am just showing the same thing to everyone with no tracking or segmentation. It’s not very effective.

As a business owner, what I really want is to be able to show messages easily, without pushing code. I don’t want to show everyone the same thing, because not all my site visitors want the same thing. I want to show potential customers one thing, and first time visitors something totally different. My checkout page should not show the same message as my blog page.

For example, I want to show an invitation to a webinar to a first time visitor, or an email opt-in. If someone else is a returning visitor on my pricing page, I can show them a notification that someone just purchased, or ask if they have any questions.

I also want to track how well those messages are doing, so I can optimize and improve them over time. All that and make it beautifully designed and easy to use.

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