Improvements are coming with HollerBox 2.0! New editor, new features, reporting, and more!

After HollerBox was acquired by Groundhogg we instantly set out to drastically improve how businesses and agencies created popups! And in a very short time, we’ve overhauled the HollerBox user experience to give you power and simplicity, perfectly matched.

New Popup Editor/Designer

The world has adopted live editing in pretty much every aspect of web design, and editing popups should be no different. So we have built an all-new editor that gives you a real-time preview of how your popup looks on your site.

The new editor shows a live preview of your popup.

Edits made in the controls area will instantly reflect in the preview, making for a seamless design experience. Plus, it’s a true live preview, meaning all the styles from the front-end of your site are accurately reflected in the preview.

You’ll also be able to test the popup within the preview, so you can test integrations without ever leaving the admin.

Reports & Dashboard

Before, you could only see the all-time stats for impressions and conversions for your popups in the HollerBox list view.

Now what you have is a full dashboard where you can see period-based analytics for all popups and specific popups!

A conversion is tracked when a lead submits a form or clicks a call to action button!

Updated/More Templates

Next on our list was to revamp all the existing templates to be in line with modern design techniques and standards. Then, we added some new templates as well.

Our new template selection makes it much clearer what kind of popup you are designing, whereas before it was kind of a guessing game.

Templates are shown fully rendered so you have a better idea of what to choose.

All the templates are now rendered completely in JavaScript, there is no server-side rendering that will decrease the load speed of your site.

All templates are also compatible with new positioning options as well, allowing you to place your popup exactly where you want it.

Improved Triggers & Display Conditions

The display rules and triggers have also received a major overhaul, giving you way more control and flexibility to display your popups where they are needed most, and disabling them where they are not.

Triggers are used to show your popup to visitors.

The triggers are mostly the same, however with some notable improvements.

The Click trigger can now be associated with a CSS selector so you can target specific elements of your page.

The Scroll Trigger now accepts a specific percentage of scrolling rather than just 50%.

Display conditions can be tuned to determine where your popup is displayed, and to whom.

The Display Conditions are now rule-based, meaning you can add as many rules to fine-tune where your popup is displayed.

You can add inclusion or exclusion rules. The new rules allow you to target special pages like the search page or posts page, target specific URLs with custom regex rules, target archive pages, and custom post types as well!

The advanced rules can be toggled to further fine-tune who sees your popup.

New Integrations

Integrations are the biggest bottleneck in any software development, and HollerBox’s lack of integrations for leading CRM platforms and other lead capture methods was definitely holding it back.

New integrations selection features more CRM integrations.

We’ve added new integrations for Groundhogg, Webhooks, Zapier, Keap, and HubSpot. Each of these integrations will add a contact to the CRM and apply tags (or add them to a list depending).

But that’s not all, before, you could only define one integration per popup, but now you’ll be able to add multiple integrations!

Add multiple integrations to send lead data to multiple destinations.

We’ve overhauled the Email integration as well! you can send multiple emails to different recipients and design the email content as well.

New email integration lets you define the email content.

Changes to pricing & features

We are making some changes to which features are free and which are paid in the interest of creating a sustainable business. We’ll be moving some features to our premium plans for the foreseeable future while making other features that were paid free!

Display Rule: Show on PostsPaidFree
Display Rule: Show on TagsPaidFree
Display Rule: Show on CategoriesPaidFree
Display Rule: Show on Custom Post TypesPaidFree
Display Rule: Show on Special PagesPaidFree
Display Rule: Exclude rulesPaidFree
Display Rule: Show on ArchivesFree (New)
Display Rule: Custom RegexFree (New)
Trigger: On ClickPaidFree
Reporting DashboardFree (New)
Design: Visual BuilderFree (New)
Design: More position optionsFree (New)
Integration: GroundhoggFree (New)
Integration: WebhooksFree (New)
Integration: ZapierFree (New)
Integration: Active CampaignFreePro
Integration: ConvertKitFreePro
Integration: MailChimpFreePro
Integration: DripFreePro
Integration: MailPoetFreePro

Are you a free user relying on features that are going premium?

If you are using the ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, or MailPoet integration, but do not have a Pro license, you will have the opportunity to obtain a Legacy License.

What is a Legacy License?

A Legacy License will give you access to the ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and MailPoet integrations if you were reliant on them before the HollerBox 2.0 update.

The Legacy License does not include other pro features such as templates, visibility controls, triggers, or the new CRM integrations.

How do I get a Legacy License?

Upon upgrading to HollerBox 2.0, go to the HollerBox settings page and you will be prompted to apply for a Legacy License. The process is completely automated and should take between 5-10 minutes.

Legacy licenses will only be granted to users who were using HollerBox with the aforementioned integrations before the HollerBox 2.0 release date.

Legacy Licenses will be granted until August 31st, 2022.

Upgrading to HollerBox 2.0

You will see updates available for HollerBox and HollerBox – Pro appear in your WordPress dashboard. We recommend updating both the Pro and free version at the same time to avoid any migration issues.

We have tried to make the upgrade to HollerBox 2.0 as painless as possible. Most settings will automatically be migrated to the new version and we have taken care to migrate all visibility rules and integrations.

You may need to go through your popups and confirm any content/settings to ensure your site experience remains consistent.

Ready to get more leads and sales?

Use Hollerbox to design and deploy popups faster.

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