Version 0.6 was just released, with some exciting new features.

First, I got rid of the “Page IDs” field to choose where to show your pages, in favor of a nice autocomplete:

This is much easier than looking up the IDs for every page you want to show it on. The Pro version also has autocomplete for all the extra fields, such as taxonomy and post type filtering:

There are several new hooks and filters, including:
$show_it = apply_filters( 'hwp_display_notification', $show_it, $box_id, $post_id );

This is an important filter for developers if they want to hook into the display logic. Here’s a usage example:

There were also a lot of tweaks made for the Pro version, including support for exit detection, link activation, the Holler Banner, and lots more. Look for more features very soon.

As usual, download the free version, or checkout Holler Box Pro.

Published by Scott

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