Holler Box Pro is coming soon, what features will it have?

Holler Box Pro will be out very soon, here’s a look at some of the awesome features it will provide.

Holler Banner

I always use a banner at the top of my site to announce a promotion. We do them multiple times a year, and it gets tedious to add and remove code for the banner.

The Holler Banner allows you to announce your promotion without pushing code. You can use the same powerful display filters like showing only to logged out visitors on certain pages, and hiding it at a certain time.

You can see a demo of the Holler Banner on our Pro page.

Expanded Popout Option

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The expanded popout option allows you to use Holler Box for more than just text.

Show a Gravity Form with a feedback survey, a video, or even a purchase button. The popout can contain any WordPress content, and it is activated when someone clicks the button. This allows you to communicate with your audience by asking permission first, instead of showing them an annoying popup.

Taxonomy, Post Type, & Other Display Filters

Get more detailed on where you want to show your Holler Box.

Show it on all “Event” post types, or just normal blog posts. Show it on only certain categories or tags, including multiple taxonomies.

My personal favorite is the “do not show on page” filter. This allows you to exclude certain pages easily, for example a Checkout or Account page. You may want to show an opt-in on all pages except for Checkout, this setting makes it really easy to do that.

Exit Detection and Link Activation

Show your Holler Box when someone is about to leave your site, or when they click a link.

This gives you fine-grained control over how your Holler Boxes display.

Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce Sales Notifications

Increase conversions and add social proof with Holler Box Sale notifications.

This add-on fetches the latest sale from your Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce store, and displays it in the Holler Box of your choice.

Using the smart display filters, you can set this to only display on eCommerce pages, and only show it once per day to make sure it always shows new sales.

More Features

Other features include Gravity Forms conversion tracking, and priority support/updates for 1 year. More features will be added regularly.

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