Holler Box is a popup and banner plugin that gives eCommerce store owners everything they need to collect leads and generate more sales.

It’s lightweight and easy-to-use, not like other overly complex tools.

Holler Box works like this:

1. Increase Your Email Opt-ins

Step one is to collect more leads at the top of your funnel, so you can follow up with customers and potentially convert them into customers.

Holler Box allows you to create email optin forms easily, choose where and when to display them, and integrate with your email provider. Using the Holler Box smart display filters, you can show your opt-in in the right place at the right time, to increase your conversion rates and eventually get more sales.

Use Holler Box to announce a webinar, a live event, or get traffic to a new article. It’s flexible so you can get your message across.

2. Increase Sales

Holler Box has a couple of ways to increase your sales.

Announce Promotions with the Holler Banner

When you are running a sale or promotion on your store, you want the right people to know about it to get as many sales as possible. Use the Holler Banner to show your promotion or discount code in a header banner on your site, and automatically deactivate it when the promotion ends.

Using the Holler Box smart display filters, you can choose to show the promotion only to logged out visitors, not to any logged in customers.

Social Proof, or FOMO

Social proof is a big part of converting a potential sale.

This technique is also known as FOMO, or fear of missing out. If are using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, now you can show your customers that other people are buying with the Holler Box Sales Notification add-on.

It displays the name and package purchased by your latest customer to anyone who visits your site. Choose where and when to show it, for example only once per visitor per day.

Watch your conversion rates skyrocket with this amazing social proof!

3. Gather Feedback

An important part of any eCommerce store is gathering feedback from site visitors.

Using the expanded pop-out option, you can ask for feedback using an embedded Gravity Form. This allows you to tweak and optimize your site based on real input from your potential customers.

More Benefits

Get conversion data right in your admin to see how well your messages are working, so you can tweak and improve. Add any WordPress content such as shortcodes and media, and feel secure knowing you own your own data. No 3rd party services are displaying your popups with Holler Box.

The best part about Holler Box is that it is effective with being annoying. It shows your audience the right message at the right time, without turning people off.

Start collecting more leads and getting more sales with Holler Box Pro today.

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Holler Box is a refreshingly simple way to connect with your site’s visitors. Less intrusive than annoying pop-ups, it’s still a highly effective way to announce a sale, collect email signups, or even provide support. Holler Box is already fairly robust, but I can’t wait for the Pro version!

Shawn Hesketh


Holler Box is my favorite new plugin. It is, as Scott describes, a simple, uncluttered, easy to configure plugin with lots of upside. The little bit of motion in the corner of the screen makes this a great reminder / notification / call-to-action without being obnoxious and intrusive to your site visitors. It’s flexible enough to accommodate just about any content you would want to put in a notification, and is as easy to set up as writing a post.


This faux chat is really slick. A nice and simple low tech solution.

I’ll be using this on a membership site for displaying site alerts and to increase member communication. Lots of options with Holler Box.

Can’t wait for the Pro version.


Beautiful, smart, useful. Genius.


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