Copy/Paste Google Docs to WordPress (With Images)

Getting your Google Docs content to WordPress is as simple as copy/pasting the content. Assuming you are using an up to date version of WordPress with the Gutenberg block editor.

WordPress has a special feature to grab the images, but you must perform an extra step to get the images to your website.

Copy/Paste From Google Docs to WordPress

Older versions of WordPress did not allow simple copy/pasting, but it’s now really easy. Copy your content from Google Docs and paste it into a new post or page in WordPress.

1. Copy the content in Google Docs

In the Edit menu, choose Select All. (CMD A for Mac, CTRL A for PC)

Right-click and choose Copy. (CMD C for Mac, and CTRL C for PC)

2. Paste the Content in WordPress

First, create a new post or page.

Right-click and paste the content. (CMD V for Mac, or CTRL V for PC)


You should have a pretty good looking post or page, but you will need to do some cleanup. For example, you may see some HTML tags or other formatting that you need to remove.

Just select the HTML tags and delete them.

Copy Images From Google Docs to WordPress

You will see your images in WordPress, but they are still on Google’s servers. You will want to move these to your own website to make sure they show correctly.

Luckily, this is very easy with the upload external image button in WordPress. Scroll through your post until you find an image. Click the image, then click the button in the image below.

This button will do all the work by downloading from Google and adding to your media library, then replacing the url in your post or page.

Click this button for all images in the post, and you’re done.

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