Holler Box 1.3.0 and Pro 0.7.0 are out with some great new features.

Active Campaign and Drip Integration

You can now add subscribers to these two services. To use the Active Campaign integration, visit My Settings => Developer in your account. Grab your url and API key, and add it in the Holler Box settings:

Now when you add a new box, you can choose Active Campaign after you check “show email opt-in”, and choose a list to add your subscriber.

To use Drip, first install and configure the Drip plugin. Once your tracking code is installed, you can choose Drip under the email providers.

With Holler Box Pro, you can add tags to your subscribers.

URL Redirect After Submission

With Holler Box Pro, you can now add a url redirect. To use the redirect, update Holler Box Pro, then go to one of your Holler Boxes.

Make sure “show email opt-in” is checked, and look for the field that says redirect. Enter the full url of the page you wish to send your visitor after they fill out your opt-in form.

Other Updates

There’s a new filter for developers called hwp_email_msg that allows you to filter the content of the message that is sent when using “send to email” setting.

apply_filters( 'hwp_email_msg', $msg, $email, $name )

We fixed a bug with tags and categories that had a space in them, along with other small tweaks.

Get Holler Box free by searching for “Holler Box” in the plugin directory, or get Holler Box Pro here.

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