The Holler Box WordPress FOMO popups just got a whole lot better! Version 0.5.0 brings a ton of new features you are going to love.

New features:

  • 💥 Show multiple popups per page
  • 💥 Choose how long ago to display sales*
  • 💥 Display time and delay settings
  • 💥 Show sales in order (default is random)

You can see an example of the new features by visiting the pricing page on this site.

* Only available for EDD and WooCommerce

WordPress FOMO popup

Holler Box version 1.4.0 has also been released, which contains bug fixes and support for the new FOMO add-on features.

How to update:

  1. Update Holler Box and Holler Box FOMO add-on
  2. Visit your Holler Box to edit the new settings
  3. Clear any site caches if you don’t see the changes

If you don’t want to display how long ago someone purchased, please add this custom CSS in your theme customizer or child theme:

.fomo-timeago { display: none }

More features are coming soon, purchase today if you haven’t already!

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